Return To Play Guidlines

Vermont Amateur Soccer Return to play guidelines


2) Any Player that decides to travel during the season and travels to one of the restricted regions that are listed by the State of Vermont must quarantine for 14 days before returning to play.

3) If a player reports they have tested positive for COVID-19 they must report it to the league ASAP. The league will then report it to the league players ASAP. The league will abide by all privacy laws as set forth by the State of Vermont and Federal privacy act privacy guidelines.

4)  Total participants (players, coaches, and officials) per training session and/or games are not to exceed state social gathering guidelines, per age-appropriate field.

5)   Whenever possible, the same coaches/staff should remain with the same cohort/group

6)  Conversations about a participants’ play or experience should be done by phone or email with parents or caregivers.

7)   Modify game-related gatherings to promote physical distancing. Examples include but are not limited to: * Physical distancing on benches, in dugouts, etc. * Pregame team meetings should be designed to encourage physical distancing. *No high fives, fist bumps, physical celebrations.

8)  Participants, players, coaches to remain physically distanced as much as possible.

9)   Spectators should be kept to a minimum, if allowed at all, but must always be physically distanced and wearing cloth facial coverings as per state guidelines.

10)  Participants’ personal belongings should be placed in a manner that observes and supports physical distancing.

11)  No sharing of equipment or water.

12)   Arrive, Play, Leave! Minimal congregation before, during or after practices / games. Arrive no more than 15 minutes before a scheduled game.

13)  No use of shared scrimmage vests or pinnies.

14)   In the event of an injury, staff may assess and facilitate management of the injured individual in accordance with proper first aid management. Family members may participate in injury management as necessary but other players should maintain proper social distance.

15)   Equipment used by staff (cones, for example) may not be handled by players or other attendees and disinfected after use.

16)  Face mask use by players and coaches shall be in accordance with local guidelines.

17)   To the best of the organization’s ability, hand sanitizer should be made available during all sessions for participants in case they do not have their own. Players and referees should disinfect their hands prior to and immediately after every group session and after any contact with a shared surface.

18) All players and coaches and managers must be on the roster in order to participate.  

19) In the event of the State of Vermont shutting down the league will 100% abide and will shut down immediately.

20) Teams must warm-up and play on assigned field ONLY. No warming up or playing on any other fields.

21) There will be no bathroom available.

22) All trash is carry in and carry out.